Friday, March 12, 2010

Let Me Count The Waste - Burning Tax Dollars


Wow, how impressed I am that the US Census Bureau would take the time to send me a letter to alert me that I will be receiving a census form from them in the next week. I will be watching the mailbox for the next 7 days with great anticipation. This may indeed be the pinnacle of 2010. The census arrives!

Had they not sent me this letter, shown below. I'm sure I would have carelessly tossed the census. That could have resulted in disaster, my family and household would not have been counted, would not have had a voice in the important decisions made as a result of the census.

I'm so glad that a caring person at the census decided to spend our bountiful tax dollars to send this letter to every household in the United States. Just doing some rough calculations here.... there are approximately 106 million households and with the cost of the envelope, letter, printing, postage, oh and the probable hours spent drafting this letter we come to a cost of around $91,160,000.00. Yep, $91 million buckaroos. Money well spent?