Sunday, July 26, 2009

MINI Tow Hook


I've purchased a number of products for my MINI from and have been very happy with their prices, speed of delivery and quality of products. One exception is the red anodized tow hook. Apparently there seems to be a wide variance in quality with anodized tow hooks. After about 60 days my red tow hook turned an interesting shade of pink. Now, I'm not scared of pink.... I just wanted red on MINIHERO.

I spoke with the owner of at MOTD 2009 and though he was happy to swap out the tow hook he did indicate that there had been issues with the red, well, staying red.

At that point I decided to take the thing apart, sand it down, and paint it myself. Turned out great and as it gets nicks I'll just take it off and repeat the process. So, if any of you are having trouble with the color of your anodized tow hook then think about painting it.

There are a couple of steps to remove the part you would paint.

  1. Take a hex wrench and unscrew the hex bolt from each end, the end that the hook swings on.
  2. Take a very small hex wrench and loosen the hex nut that holds the center piece in.
  3. Slide out the center piece and the two hook will then just fall off.
  4. I used a coat hanger and built a "stand" from which to paint the hook.
  5. Prior to painting I cleaned and then sanded the tow hook.
  6. I put about 5 coats of caliper paint. Any red paint will do, I just happen to have a can of caliper paint on the shelf.
  7. Once dried just reverse the process. Take the hook and put in place and slide the center piece back in.
  8. Make sure the center piece is centered and then tighten the small hex nut.
  9. Put the large hex nuts back into the ends and tighten.
  10. Enjoy your new shiny tow hook!